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Welcome Rent a car Rwanda. Rent a car online now from one of our locations in Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi and Congo and get the best car rental deals. With our 9 years’ experience in car and van rentals, take advantage of our large fleet and make your reservation online instantly. With all the best offers and deals on car rental on the website right now, and the option to pay online or upon collection of your car, Rent a Car Rwanda is the best place to book your car hire. Start your booking process using the reservation system or check out latest car rental offers and van hire promotions that are currently available. Our rates are the best on the market and for as low as $ 40 USD a day you can reserve a vehicle with us.  At Rent a Car Rwanda experts deliver exceptional savings without compromising on service and comfort. We offers rental cars, like minibuses and 4×4 hire vehicles, with a reliable fleet of well-maintained, trusted and reliable cars. Save money on your rental car by booking with Rent a car Rwanda. The super low rental rates that we offer mean you’ll save more money while on your trip. We are among the largest independent Rwanda car rental company with our fleet including salon cars, SUVs, intermediate cars, safari land cruisers, omnibus, family cars among others. Apart from rental cars, we offer Safari services like Gorilla trekking tours, wildlife safaris and adventure vacations where you can also Go camping. We’re confident we’ve got the right vehicle and daily rate that’s right for you. We offer quick confirmation, so you can book and confirm your rental car any time of day.

Toyota Rav4 4x4 Full Time (5 seats)

Toyota Rav4 model 2000, 2010 & 2014, automatic and manual transmission with  petrol engines, air-bags, air-conditioning system, spare tyres, comprehensive insurance and unlimited mileage at starting a rate of 50 dollars per day. Rates are on 24hr basis. Get a 10% discount off on long term rentals

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We have quality Vehicles, Lowest Rates, Dependable Services and our pledge at Courtesy Car Rentals is to always make your Car Rental a hassle free one when renting a vehicle. You can always count on our helpful courteous staff to smoothly assist you and as we always promise, you will be satisfied with our quality vehicles and affordable rates.

  • 24/7 Road Assistance
  • Unlimited Mileage on all rates
  • D.W. Insurance (comprehensive)
  • Free Amendments to your bookings
  • Lowest Price Guarantee for rental cars
  • No booking fees required to reserve your car

Prado Land Cruiser TX @ 75 dollars

Land Cruiser Prado TXL 80 dollars

Land Cruiser Prado 120 dollars

Toyota Prado Model 2014 4x4 Full Time (8 seats)

Toyota Prado Land Cruiser Model 2011 and 2014, automatic and manual transmission with  Diesel engines, air-bags, air-conditioning system, spare tyres, comprehensive insurance and unlimited mileage at starting a rate of 80 dollars per day. Rates are on 24hr basis. Get a 10% discount off on long term rentals

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A look at Rwanda.

Rwanda is an attracting country to visit. Apart from the clean towns and cities, there are a couple of attractions in Rwanda which include the mountains, lakes, rivers, forests and the National parks. At Rent a car Rwanda, we make your dream come true with our budget car rental deals. Because we know you need to spend more of your precious time looking at a greater Rwanda, we avail you with a number options for you to choose, like visiting the Akagera National park in the Eastern Rwanda for a game drive. A customized safari van with a pop up will give you a great chance of viewing the wilderness of this park. We provide outstanding customer service and affordable prices on a top quality, top brand fleet. With a wide range of vehicles suitable for all types of travel and terrain, luxury and economy rent a car options and convenient locations, we have you covered for car rental across Rwanda. On the other hand, there are forested areas which cover national parks of Volcanoes National park and Nyungwe Forest respectively. These are rich with birds, animals such as the primates and the famous Mountain Gorillas. For such trips you can choose any type of vehicle you would like to take depending on your budget.

Nyungwe N.Park

This is one of the best places to visit on your Rwanda vacation safari. With almost 13 species of primates including the chimps, Nyungwe is worth a visit when you visit Rwanda.

Akagera N.Park

Akagera N.Park is the only place in Rwanda where you can take on Game drives. We will provide you with the best vehicle for this safari tour if you choose to visit Akagera.

Rent a car Rwanda

Volcanoes N.Park

Gorilla Trekking is the most tourist activity in Rwanda taking place in the Virunga Mountain in Volcanoes National park with over a half of the remaining Gorillas in Rwanda.